Worship in Our School

As a Church of England school our daily act of Collective Worship is a special time that brings together members of the school community.

At the beginning of an act of worship, we light a candle and one of the children opens the worship as we make reference to the holy trinity.

Worship is led by teachers, children and visitors.

Children are given a range of opportunities to gain valuable leadership experience and extend their ability to think and reflect on a wide range of global issues. This is organised

Our worship is further enhanced by visits from local ministers, including Reverend Jonathan Dowman. The children are further challenged to think, ask questions and share their views about the world around them.


Whole School Worship is led by Headteacher or the Collective Worship School Council, following our Core Value Themes.


Key Stage Worship is led by a member of the teaching team.


Singing Worship led by school staff.


Collective Worship led by Head of School, following our Core Value Themes.


Celebration Worship where our God given talents and skills are shared and celebrated. Once every half term we take part in Collective Worship in church with parents.