All children are allocated a House on joining the School. Pupils from year 2 upwards are involved in house activities and competitions, together with house assemblies which take place regularly. Younger siblings are placed in the same house as their brother/sister.

There are 4 houses. Each house has a captain and vice-captain, selected by the staff who belong to the house.

The 4 houses are called Langton, Latimer, Kendall and Hanbury.

The House system is very important for a number of reasons:

  • It brings a focus to our academic rewards system
  • It enables both older and younger pupils to develop respect for each other
  • It presents role models to the younger pupils
  • It brings opportunities for encouragement, leadership and responsibility
  • It brings a sense of teamwork and team spirit in addition to that provided by team sports
  • It brings parents together in support of house events


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