Our History

Church Langton CE Primary School owes much to the vision and enterprise of the Rev. William Hanbury, former vicar of Church Langton. He provided the monies and was instrumental in founding the Hanbury Charity in the 18th Century. The Charitable Scheme provided for a school to be built on land owned by The Charity. The school was built and served many parishes in the benefice. In 1935 The Charity purchased further land and built a new primary school. The original school became a Secondary Modern.


In 1991, a 4+ unit (reception class) was opened and in 1997 new school buildings were completed, funded by the Department of Education.


The Secondary Modern had closed in 1964 and the buildings eventually became redundant. In 2004 the buildings, together with the accompanying land, were sold. Although most of the sale proceeds went to the Diocesan Board of Education, the Hanbury Charity with its share was able to build a new Community Hall situated alongside the present primary school. The Hall is available for use by the school. Additional sale proceeds received by The Charity were invested and will provide an annual income most of which will benefit the School for years to come.