Art and Design

Art, design and technology is taught by a specialist staff at Church Langton in a dedicated art room to all pupils. In addition to the timetabled class-taught lessons, there are three different art clubs set up enabling pupils to extend their art experience and improve their artistic skills.

From four plus onwards the children learn a range of art and design skills and techniques which they are encouraged to explore with a variety of media and materials, in either 2 or 3 dimensions. These include learning about colour, pattern, texture and shape through collage, painting, printing, sculpture and drawing.

Individual art and design projects provide the opportunity for all Church Langton pupils to use their imaginations and develop their observation skills, and with group projects the children benefit from learning to work collaboratively. The various displays of pupil’s work around the school are updated regularly throughout the year. The high standards achieved by the pupils, bears testimony to the popularity and success of this department. In order to celebrate the children’s successes in this area of learning the department holds an annual exhibition.