Day One at Rock UK

A very excited class of year four pupils started their adventure by boarding the coach to Rock UK. Upon arrival at the centre the children were given a chance to see their lodge, eat their packed lunches and then took on the first and possibly biggest challenge of the trip – making their beds. All managed it in the end, although a couple of the girls got lost inside their duvet covers!

The class then split into two groups for their first activities. Group one started with archery which was great fun despite a strong wind adding to the challenge. Archie and William impressed by hitting gold while everyone showed improvement over the course of the two hour session.

Group two began with fencing in the sports hall. The children enjoyed getting all of the specialist kit on and then learnt about the various moves and actions required. Mrs Bladon was particularly impressed how quickly they adapted to the new moves and all had plenty of stories to share at break time. Following this, group two took part in Above and Beyond. This activity gives the children a chance to learn all about the work of MAF, an aid agency who support people who live in remote locations right across the world. The children enjoyed taking on their own aid missions and engaged well in considering the plight of others.

Group one’s second activity was the maze. They firstly had to think about team work in a problem solving game and then took on the maze. Miss Parker was impressed with the energy and enthusiasm shown by the group as they found all of the clues.

A ravenous group of children returned to the lodge to enjoy spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, the empty plates were certainly a good review of their first meal. Diary entries to capture their memories of the day were written before the children took on the nightline course. Both groups achieved the aim by working together and trusting in their team. A few games and time to reflect on the day was followed by the children heading off to bed looking forward to the next set of challenges that await tomorrow.

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